21 (part 2)

Ok, so as promised here are the birthday gifts that my mother sent me….

squirrel apron!

iPad holder

new iPod nano!!

cool iPod watch holder thing lol

this stuff is so delicious

I will pause for a moment to talk about this last gift. Technically, it came from my neighbor, Kristin. She just began making these homemade jams, marmalades and pickles. This pineapple ginger jam is very savory and sweet. The ginger is definitely present in this  jam and I think it’s pretty rocking! There are tons of flavors and if you live in the local Los Angeles area you don’t even need to ship these jams to yourself because you can run by and pick them up yourself.

You should definitely check out the website for the Preservation Society!

There will definitely be recipes to come with this jam (probably including some tilapia) on this blog.

As for my food today at work….

Breakfast was some oatmeal with PB2 and frozen strawberries.

cauliflower crust pizza

I ate half of this for dinner last night and brought the leftovers for a snack today.

homemade Chipotle bowl

I ate some wannabe Mexican food for lunch, which is always a good choice 😉

My afternoon snack consisted of an apple and a vanilla Oikos greek yogurt.

Dinner was a turkey sandwich with lite Laughing Cow cheese and spinach.

one of my favorite meals

I love a good turkey sandwich. I have just been craving bread like crazy and decided to let myself go for it. I heated it up in my saute pan and it got all crispy….yummy.

I hit the gym and did chest, shoulders and triceps. Good times. Now, it’s time for bed….so goodnight!


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