Errands Galore

I ran a bunch of errands today. It was pretty awesome. And I was only able to do that because Typhoon Guchol decided to leave us alone here in Okinawa. Thank goodness!

I started the day of with a HIIT running workout. I will post it another day because I am too lazy to type it out right now.


When I got back from the gym I snacked on a Luna Bar…

Then I did like 3 loads of laundry.

Checked my mail.

Ate an Oikos.

Then I went to the BX and the commissary. I needed to buy some food for the week, so I made a grocery list and headed out.

Once I got back it was lunch time and I was too lazy to use my oven.

I decided on a veggie burger+spinach+BBQ sauce+Smart Wrap.


Talked to some folks back in America for a while. Completed my laundry and cleaned my dorm.

Snack time.

This baba gannouge stuff is great. SERIOUSLY. After snack time, homework time…ugh.

Finished my online forum for my American Pop Culture class and headed to dinner with friends. We went to this sports bar, Sidelines, off base. I was pretty disappointed with their food selection. I figured there would have to be at least one thing on the menu I could attempt to clean up. WRONG. I went with 2 and a half slices of cheese pizza.

Usually pizza is my favorite splurge food, but this wasn’t even worth it. I was sad. Oh well…later this week I’m going to attempt to make a cauliflower crust pizza. I’m super excited for it!

I’m also stoked for my 21st birthday this Friday!!! I got some b-day presents from my mom in the mail today! I told her I would wait to open them so I’m going to try not to peak. No idea what tomorrow will have in store because I’m off again. I’m sure something fun will happen…hopefully!




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