Typhoon Guchol

So here were my favorite foodie moments of the weekend…

My favorite breakfast ever…OATMEAL


7 layer dip that Jeyna made


Family Mart Food a.k.a drunk food


Cinnamon Chai


Breakfast to go along with the chai


Best garlic fried rice ever!!


So I know I was a little tubby this weekend and need to get back on track for sure. But hey, at least I worked out a couple of times to make up for not eating perfect! You have to live life sometimes!¬†Unfortunately sometimes you can’t because this evil island is in the middle of typhoon season and guess who gets to work during the storm??


I hope it will go by quickly, but I will have to stock up on food to make it through however long the storm is over Okinawa. I basically packed as many healthy snacks and steamer meals as I could. I also threw in some Kashi ans some non-fat milk. And who could forget the oatmeal?

Oh, and by the way this was the weather looked yesterday at the beach….

It was awesome. Today it is pretty disgusting outside. Rainy and the winds are just now starting to pick up. So hopefully I will make it through Typhoon Guchol (yes it is pronounced gooch-hole lol) and live to blog another day!



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