An uneventful day

I would have to say that yesterday was rather uneventful 😦

I had a meeting at work to start. Oh, and yes, it was my day off. But it wasn’t too bad. Somebody’s wife made scones and everybody harassed me into trying one. I only ate a few bites but it was delicious. I had brought some oatmeal with me to eat for my real breakfast. (No pictures because I can’t bring my phone in my office)

After the meeting it was gym time. I did chest & triceps. My triceps are pretty sore already. I’m going to need a rest day soon!

Then I made a GIANT strawberry smoothie in a bowl.

I told you it was GIANT!!

Then, nap time for me. I rarely take naps but was on the verge of death and needed to take one.

A short 2 hours later, I woke up and felt rejuvenated. I ate a small bowl of Kashi with Almond Flax Crunches.

This stuff was a splurge for me at the grocery store. It was a little high in the sugar department but I wanted to try a new cereal.

Later, it was onto one of my favorite snacks… PB & J on a slice of whole wheat flax bread!

I liked my outfit yesterday, so I just figured I would multi-task and show you the snack and clothes!

Dinner might not have been my best choice…but I have been longing to ty this for forever.

And that was it! My day in food. Good times.


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