Legs & Looks

Nothing to crazy to post today.

Just this cute new Underarmour workout shirt I got!

Boys were totally creeping at the gym…lol!

I know it’s just basic black, but I still love it. I try to look somewhat decent when I go to the gym. I can’t roll up to a workout looking gross because then I just want to get away from all of the mirrors in there. Plus, there are way too many military boys in the weight room. I’m always one  of (if not) the only females lifting weights. But I do it because I love it.

Today was legs and I can already feel my quads getting tight….I should probably stretch them out.

So here was the routine I did:

5 min warmup/Bike

(10-12 reps) Leg Press x 3 sets

(10-12 reps) Sissy Squats x 3 sets

(10 reps per leg) Walking Barbell Lunges x 3 sets

(10 reps per leg) Single Leg Deadlifts w/ 15lb Kettle Ball x 3 sets

(10-12 reps) Lying Leg Curls x 3 sets

(10 reps) Seated Calf Raise x 3 sets

(10-15 reps) Standing Calf Raise x 3 sets

 5 min cool down/Walk

So today wasn’t too crazy. One more shift and then it’s the weekend. Woo hoo!


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