Food & Fitness

Blueberries and oats to start my day! Plus a little skype chat with the madre was pretty sweet, too.

If this was a better pic, you would see the color of the oatmeal was violet!

Afterwards, I put on my uniform (even though it was my day off) and went to film a cooking clip for AFN. A.k.a. the cheesiest channel ever. It is the Air Force Network. I was basically this girl’s assistant and we made microwavable food. It was supposed to be a special “Dorm Chef” edition. The funny thing is I have a full kitchen in my dorm, most people don’t. I feel bad for those people….

But anyways, it was really fun and would totally do it again if they needed someone!

Afterwards, I grabbed lunch at Chili’s on base and got the Guiltless Grill Chicken Platter (310 calories). I forgot to take a picture though, so sorry.

I did, however, take some pretty lame sweet pre-workout pics.


Then I ate a Kashi Granola Bar and had some Muscle Milk.

Today at the gym consisted of Chest and Tricep workouts.

warm up/5 min walking on incline treadmill

(10-12 reps) Incline Dummbell Chest Press x 4 sets

(10-12 reps) Flat Bench Press x 3 sets

(10 reps) Flat Bench Flyes x 3 sets

(10 reps) Tricep Kick Backs x 3 sets

(12-15 reps) Overhead Two-handed Tricep Extensions x 3 sets

(10 reps) Tricep Cable Extensions x 3 sets

(10 reps) Assisted Tricep Dips x 2 sets

cool down/5 min walk

It usually takes me about 45 minutes to complete my strength training. I don’t like to sit and wait very long in between my sets. I usually go about 30-45 seconds in between I think. I don’t actually sit there with a watch. My body can just feel when it’s ready to do another set.

Anyways…back to food!

Dinner was SUPER simple. Heart Healthy Rotini Pasta & 1 tbsp Kraft Parmesan/Romano Blend Cheese.

I used 1 cup uncooked pasta (180 cals)

I was having a major sweet tooth afterwards and had waited for about an hour to see if it would leave me alone. It didn’t…

So I settled for 1/2 whole wheat pita pocket w/ 1/2 tbsp blackberry jam  & 1/2 tbsp natural creamy PB.

Sorry I had to take a bite before I took the pic!

So I guess that pretty much recaps my food & fitness for the day. Tomorrow I will be getting a fabulous pedicure! I will be posting pictures. So skip reading tomorrows post if you hate feet lol.


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