So Much Food, So Little Time

I’m being so naughty about skipping posting! So sorry guys.

Here are oodles of pics to satiate your curiosity with what I’ve been eating over the past 3 days……

Took one of these to work with some kidney beans and brown rice.

Snack #1

Smart Wrap (13g dietary fiber!!) with turkey, spinach, olives & lite laughing cow swiss wedge.

My first successful egg white omelette. I was so proud of myself!

Post workout shake: Chocolate PB & Strawberries. SO yummy. I used 1 scoop gold-standard chocolate peanut butter casein powder with 3/4 tbsp peanut butter & 1/3 cup strawberries.

Marinated the chicken breast in lite soy sauce & rice wine vinegar & truvia & garlic powder. Took an oikos to eat with it!

Grilled a portobello mushroom cap on the George Foreman. Made a delish mushroom wrap.

Random, I know. But they’re cupcake paper towels. Super cute lol.

Yes it is possible to eat salad with chopsticks. Welcome to Japan.

Ate at an awesome Chinese restaurant. This is fried rice with pork & yams. It came with an egg drop soup, too.

This was not all for me. (Although I did enjoy a hearty portion at a BBQ I went to last night!) It’s a Pumpkin Crumble, a.k.a the devil in disguise. I had never made this but wanted to take food with me to the BBQ and I had a yellow cake mix and some pumpkin. I also had the brilliant idea of adding some butterscotch chips to the mix. (You can never go wrong with butterscotch)

OK, so the BBQ wasn’t so much a BBQ as a fiesta. But who cares? Good food is good food. And I love me some Mexican food.

Then there was the California Surfer Salad at Hearth Cafe this morning. I ordered it not knowing it came with raw tuna. Surprise.

I am not a fan of sending back food so I decided to go with the flow and try it. (P.S. I’ve never had raw fish before)

The tuna was nothing like I thought it was going to be. It almost melted in your mouth and I think it may have had a soy sauce glaze. None the less, I was impressed. I don’t think that I will be as afraid to try raw fish now that I’ve at least had some kind of experience with it.

As for working out the past couple days…

Friday was an all back workout.

Saturday was a rest day.

Sunday (a.k.a today) I did a 25 minute HIIT workout on the treadmill.

Back to the grind tomorrow so wish me luck. It sounds like there may be a typhoon brewing in the Pacific. Let’s hope it doesn’t come this way!


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