HIIT-ting the Beach

This has been the most eventful Memorial Day weekend ever. Just saying!

Started out with an awesome HIIT elliptical workout. It was only a short 30 minutes.

Time Resistance SPM* Details
00:00-03:00 3 130 Warm up
03:00-05:00 3 150 Warm up
05:00-07:00 5 150 No hands
07:00-09:00 7 170 No hands
09:00-11:00 5 150 No hand
11:00-13:00 9 170 No hands
13:00-15:00 5 140 No hands
15:00-16:00 7 200 Hands
16:00-18:00 5 130 Backwards w/ hands
18:00-19:00 7 130 Forward no hands
19:00-21:00 9 170 No hands
21:00-23:00 5 130 No hands
23:00-24:00 7 200 Hands
24:00-26:00 5 130 No hands
26:00-27:00 3 120 Cool down
27:00-29:00 3 120 Backwards
29:00-30:00 3 110 Cool down

I totally got sweaty during this workout, but it was worth it. I dislike cardio because I think it’s boring (for the most part) and I really hate sweating a lot. I’m such a girl…sigh.

I ate some a big bowl of oatmeal with almond butter and a banana for my post workout snack.

Then…. I followed up my workout sesh with a girls beach day!!

Aren’t you jealous that you don’t live on a tropical island?

Me and Jeyna

Not an ice cream truck, but an ice cream bus

Cape Zanpa Light House

From the top of the light house

We had a total beach adventure. So much fun. After the light house, we split up and went home to shower. I made myself some pasta with sautéed mushrooms, onions and kale.

Mmm dinner

After I was replenished with nutrients, I met back up with Jeyna and we went bowling.

And then dancing after that.

I was extremely busy yesterday. But, it was TOTALLY worth it!


One thought on “HIIT-ting the Beach

  1. Good job on the workout. I heard this funny phrase before, Perspiration is just fat cells crying. Motivates me to run and get sweaty at times.

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