Ending on a Note of French Toast

This week was way too long.

I’m finally about to have some freedom (for the next 3 days!).

The exercise at work has kept me so busy that I didn’t workout and didn’t get a chance to post…Well I’m back.

So let’s recap the important parts of the past few days.

Like my delicious oatmeal.

PB & bananas are the best combo ever!!

I was so beat after working 12 hour shifts and wearing my gas mask and MOPP gear that I ended up taking weird combinations of food with me to work.

I just couldn’t find the motivation to cook. But I think that I made pretty decent healthy choices still.

P.S. I love Luna bars. They are super yummy and have a bunch of protein!!

The frozen waffles are Kashi which is why I trusted them to be okay for me to eat.

Then, last night……..

Such a typical mirror pic

I got the night off so I did what any rational girl would do….


It was a pretty decent time but then I had to get back to reality and WORK.

But I’m done for the next 3 days and it will be healthy living and lots of time spent in the gym. Stoked!!

As for right now, I just got off yet another 12 hour shift and am about to chow down on some french toast and go to church.

Mmm almond butter drizzle

I just used an egg white with a splash of almond milk and some cinnamon. Dipped my Rudi’s flax bread in the mixture and let it soak for a minute. Then cooked it up in my little skillet. I drizzled a little almond butter on top as a treat to myself for working hard all week!


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