Too Tired Today


The theme for today was pasta

I made ghetto healthy scampi with portobello mushrooms and shrimp for work. I used some lemon juice, red pepper flakes, black pepper, garlic and about a tsp smart balance. Threw it together with some whole wheat pasta and good to go.

Very flavorful.

I also took an awesome Mexican chicken salad.

Cilantro and lemon juice added tons of flavor!

This was my pico de gallo/salsa/dressing I made.

Yay for healthy fats

I put it on some spinach. Then added my chicken and avocado slices once I got to work.

I was also an Earth conscious girl today and brought my own silverware from home instead of using the plastic kind.

Cheap BX silverware

Thank goodness I am off tonight because I am exhausted!

I had to work my 12 hour shift and then go to a briefing this morning. I’m definitely tired now.

Zumba tonight though!

I’ve got to get my cardio on. Hopefully I do better than last time. Zumba is a lot more challenging than most people give it credit for.

Guess this will be a short post and more will follow tomorrow when I have more energy to write. Goodnight world!


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